Using Pheromone Colognes To Attract Women: What You Should Know

Men around the world dream of attracting women, but it’s easier said than done. Luckily, men can consider using pheromone colognes to attract women. If you want to know what they are, how they work and what the benefits are of using these colognes, then continue to read on.

What Are Pheromone Colognes

They are colognes that have been formulated with specific ingredients. These ingredients when combined give off a scent that smells good, especially to women’s noses. In short, these colognes are designed to attract more women to you.

How Do They Work

The way you use these colognes are straightforward and just like how you would use any other colognes. You simply spray yourself with it, but the way it works is a lot different. The colognes work by giving off a specific scent that is formulated to affect women’s behavior and moods towards men that are wearing it.

If you’re wearing this type of cologne, then there’s a good chance a women who smells it on you will be attracted to you. They may want to talk to you or they may want to get to know you more, if you’ve already been on a date with them.

The Benefits Of Using Them

First benefit and the most obvious benefit of trying the best pheromones to attract females is that you’ll increase your chances of meeting women who are attracted to you. You might not even have to try that hard to meet new women. After you put this cologne on, you may very well increase the number of interactions you have with women, even while you’re doing your daily routine such as shopping, running errands, working and so forth.

Second benefit is if you go on a lot of dates, then the cologne might help you land more second dates, third dates and beyond. If you wear a high quality pheromone cologne, then women you date might feel chemistry for you right away. If not, chemistry between you and your dates could develop quicker than if you weren’t wearing the cologne.

Another benefit is being checked out more. Even if you don’t meet a lot of women, you might still find more women checking you out. This is one of the first benefits men who wear the cologne experience.

Finally, they smell good. You might think you should only wear a pheromone cologne when you want to attract women. However, the truth is you can wear it just as often as you’d wear regular cologne. If you do wear it regularly, then who knows just how many women will potentially become attracted to you. has a list of the top pheromone colognes if you need recommendations.

Where To Buy The Colognes

There are a number of brick-and-mortar stores you can buy them from. However, the best place to find and buy pheromone colognes is online. You can quickly compare many colognes, and then you can easily place an order for them.

Buying Tips

You should compare as many pheromone colognes as possible before you decide which product to buy. When comparing colognes, take a look at their ingredients because you want a cologne that contains quality ingredients. Not only that, but scent is important. If you’re buying online, then make sure you read the description of the colognes’ scents.

Finally, read reviews from other men who have used the colognes you’re thinking of buying. Did they attract women after using the cologne? What other good things are they saying about the pheromone colognes you’re researching?

If you’ve been struggling to attract women or you wish to attract more women, then consider using a pheromone cologne. Just make sure you keep the previously discussed tips in mind. All you have to do now is start comparing different pheromone colognes and decide which one to buy.

Do Pheromone Colognes Really Work?

mens pheromone cologneIt comes as no surprise that certain pheromones can assist a man in becoming more attractive to the opposite sex, increase a man’s confidence particularly in social-situations and even to gain respect from their peers. However, the issue surrounding pheromone colognes is that they are not all created in the same way, and in most cases the inferior products do not have a high enough concentration to produce a noticeable effect.  However, there are a few companies that have managed to use the right ingredients along with high concentrations.  These products are recommended from this page on Phero Planet, .  These include the following:

  1. Pherazone

Amongst the variety of pheromone products on the market today for men, Pherazone is a product that has been rated as one of the most sought after brands. In recent research and tests this particular product has been proven to work for more than 90% of the users that is far higher than any other brand that has been reviewed. Containing more than six pheromones which have all been lab-certified combined with outstanding smelling fragrances. Some of the highlights of this pheromone cologne include:

  • Proven to be effective in more than 90% of the users
  • A single spray lasts between four and eight hours
  • The highest in concentrations in association to the ingredients when compared to any of the other brands
  • 30 day money-back risk-free guarantee on every order

2.Nexus Pheromones

Nexus Pheromones is a product that combines seven human pheromone mixtures in order to intensify the effects. Backed by more than 12 years associated with research that has translated into pheromone colognes that have been created in such a way that it will attract women, encourage feelings related to attraction, increase a sexual response as well as offers the man with an increased masculine appeal.

The company guarantees that just a single application of the Nexus Pheromones can be effective for an astounding 10 hours which means it lasts longer than other competitors on the markets. A bottle of this product retails for around $50 and the product can be used with other colognes without the risk of causing odor imbalances. Some of the features of Nexus Pheromones include:

  • A single application lasts between 8 to 10 hours
  • The product comes with a 67 day money-back guarantee
  • Consists of seven powerful ingredients

3. PherX

Known as a newer brand that has come onto the markets, these pheromone colognes are fast becoming that appeal to all the demographics. This company has different pheromone sprays that cater for women, men, gay women and gay men. PherX consists of more than 18mg of different pheromones that include Androsterone, Androstenone, Androstenol and Androstadienone. According to report backs from users, the product works well in various social settings.

Pheromone Types

Status Or Alpha Pheromones For Men

These pheromones are suggested for men who need a boost of confidence for that next presentation or speech at work or to amp one up for the next important job interview.

Sexual Pheromones

For a more animalistic and deeper reaction to a male prowess, sexual pheromones are the ones to try. These pheromones are more direct and intense that are said to give a man a competitive edge in social surroundings.

Social Pheromones

For men who are looking for a way in which to relax and be viewed as a cool and fearless type of man, the social pheromones are recommended for this task. These pheromones are said to give one an air of brashness and spirit while at the same time without being viewed as egotistical.

Attraction Pheromones

For men looking for a way to take the next step with a lady from being a friend to a partner, attraction pheromones are said to assist in this department. These compelling fragrances will definitely attract the attention the man is looking for.

How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

identity theftIdentity theft is a crime that is committed by an imposter who tries to obtain important information of a person. He later imitates him or her by using his personal details. Identity theft has become a widespread problem, especially since the introduction of the internet. It now easy for identity thieves to find your personal information online. They can easily get your bank account number, social security number or your license number online.

There are different types of identity theft. Some of them include financial identity theft, medical identity theft, child identity theft, and criminal identity theft. It is not easy to safeguard your information offline or online. However, there are several ways that you can use to protect your privacy all the time.

How to protect yourself from identity theft

1. Beware of scam mails

You should be watchful regarding your personal information. Do not provide any personal information to telemarketers or reply to emails that say they represent your bank or your credit card issuer.

2. Secure your mail

Make sure you empty your mailbox regularly. Otherwise, make sure you lock it. You can also get a post office box to ensure criminals do not steal the credit card pitches. Do not submit outgoing bill or checks through a mail from your home. They can get stolen.

3. Never leave a paper trail

Whenever you are using your credit, do not leave behind your credit card, gas station receipts or even ATM receipts. Criminals can use them afterwards.

4. Always protect your social security number

Make sure you do move with the cards such as health insurance card. If you have them, do not put the number exposed as it is the primary target by the identity thieves. The number will help them get access to your credit card report or bank account.

5. Know people you are dealing with

Whenever a person approaches you to know your personal details or to know your financial information, do not give the information straightaway. Make sure you know his or her name, and the company he represents. You should also know the reason for him or her contacting you. If you do not believe the person, contact the respective company and confirm the details yourself.

6. Make sure your monitor your credit card report

You should review you credit card report to track any suspicious activity. If you notice something is wrong, kindly alert the card company as quickly as possible.

7. Review your credit cards statements

Always ensure you know about the location and the purchases before making the payment of any bill.

8. Make sure your personal information is safe

If a person asks you about your personal information such as social security number, ask him or her about their company’s private policy. Ask them as many questions as possible. This will help you identify if the person is a thief or not.


Terrorism and criminal activities are on the rise, it is therefore important to protect and secure yourself from identity theft. Always keep your eyes and ears open when dealing with people or companies. You never know the person you are dealing with.

Exotic Pet Insurance – What You Need To Know!

veterinarianIn the 21st century, the definition of exotic pets has increased to almost uncomfortable levels. It is possible to find your neighbor with a tiger, a monitor lizard, among other wild animals. It would be unwise for any insurance company to judge. They have therefore provided a policy named exotic pet insurance. The plan ideally encompasses all facets of living with a possibly dangerous animal. Here are some of the reasons why exotic pets are insured and what the policy covers.

Why exotic pet insurance

Some of the exotic pets are needless to say expensive and rare. It means they cost a fortune and possibly a significant investment. Medical treatment for the pets is always expensive considering it is not a norm. Some of them may require surgeries. The exotic pet insurance is a health plan to protect our pet just like human health plans.

Exotic pets require special care and treatment. They need specialized veterinarians. It is not easy finding one that treats iguanas. To have such a veterinary doctor on call, it comes at a cost. Housing for exotic animals is also costly. For wild pets, one is required to recreate the natural habitat of the animal as much as possible. In the case of any eventualities, it is comforting to know compensation will happen for the pet’s expensive lifestyle.

Most of these exotic pets are wild animals. They are not friendly to human beings. A snake in the compound is bound to bite someone unaware of its existence. With the vindictive human nature, they tend to exploit such situations to the fullest. It means the possibility of lawsuits when you have an exotic pet is most likely. An unusual pet insurance will cover for the suit and damage caused to property when a pet escapes.

Coverage of an exotic pet policy

The exotic pet policy will vary depending on the location of where it is housed and what type of an animal it is. Expensive animals tend to have more expensive plans.

1. Veterinary fee

The policy will cover expensive medical expenses such as emergency surgeries. The treatment will vary depending on the injury or illness. Exotic pets do not show signs of illness at an early stage. It is a natural wild adaptation. Showing weakness in the wild makes the animal vulnerable to predators.

2. Theft

Thieves may target exotic pets due to their value. Most of the animals that qualify as exotic pets are too expensive. An exotic pet policy will ensure proper investigations and compensations take place.

3. Third-party claims

The policy covers any claim made by individuals with bodily harm caused by the exotic pet. The cover includes damage caused to private property in case the pet escapes. Escapes are most common, especially in orphanages and sanctuaries.

An exotic pet comes with too much unplanned for uncertainties. Having a pet insurance policy is a wise decision. For those who keep rather dangerous animals. It is recommended to provide your pet with the most secure housing as much as possible. The insurance policy might not be able to help you completely in case of loss of life.