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Vote Coolest SOB Award 2013’s annual Coolest SOB In The Conservative Blogosphere Award is underway. This year I was once again nominated and I would be grateful for your vote. However, since voting for multiple nominees is allowed, and with the slim odds of a small-time player like myself winning, I encourage you to also vote for the following cool SOB’s.

Oleg of

Buffoon of

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It’s PUK Award Time

UPDATE 01-04-13: I’m a very lucky man, I now have a third image in the play-offs for 2012 PUK Awards at And thanks again, the second entry also won.

UPDATE 01-03-13: A second of my creations is now up for finalist in the 2012 PUK Awards at Thank you to those who voted for my first entry, it did win.

This image is competing for a finalist spot in the 2012 PUK Awards at Your vote would be appreciated.

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deviantArt Cage Fight

Over at deviantArt a few days ago one of my pieces was featured in an article about Faux Propaganda I can’t recommend the article because I nodded off about a 1/4 of the way in.

What may be of interest is it sent a flood of Progs (over 300 comments) to my deviantArt page. I battled them when I had time, I debated, I threw insults, and I ridiculed. All in all it was alot of fun. My deviantArt account has sat in obscurity for a year so the attention was nice. Some of you may find reading the comments entertaining.