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Occupy Wall St. / Lord of the Flies

Occupy Wall Street: The Filth And The Fury

This is what Anarchy looks like.

Because the references for this piece are outside the mainstream I feel it necessary to add some context. I hate doing this, it is somewhat like telling a joke and then explaining why it was funny. Nevertheless…

The title “The Filth And the Fury” is a reference to a 1976 headline that appeared in the British tabloid newspaper The Daily Mirror after a Sex Pistols TV appearance. Years later the infamous Shepard Fairey took elements of this front page and other Sex Pistols references to create a piece of parody art criticizing Hipsters. What I have done is a parody of Shepard Fairey’s parody.

OWS’s One Demand: Your Property!

The Occupy Wall Street crowd made me think of this image, so I’ve re-posted it.