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New Statement Tee and Stickers

“I VOTE FOR CONSERVATIVES AND I DON’T GIVE A RIP WHAT ANY ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICAN HAS TO SAY ABOUT IT!” With this statement send a message to those inside the beltway establishment Republicans, the pundits, the consultants, and the politicians, who are trying to reduce the influence The Tea Party and Conservatives have within the Republican party.  BUY HERE!


New Non-Political T-Shirt Design

I just can’t get back into a political groove, hardly able to even watch more than a few minutes of news, not visiting my favorite political blogs much. In the meantime here is what I’ve been up to.

Original graphic inspired by moonshine runners of a bygone era. The forty Ford coupe was a favorite among runners because of it’s large trunk. They would hot rod the Flathead or swap in a OHV engine like a Cadillac V8.

Buy this design on tees and etc.

Fathers Day Gifts

Gifts for political savvy dads. Fathers Day is only a few weeks away, now is the time to order.