Common Sense Resistance

I’m sure most know who Bill Whittle is. He made this video late last night just hours after the election was decided. It is long (90 minutes), he rambles some, gets off point at times, but what he lays out is truly revolutionary. It should be watched in its entirety. (I’ve watched it twice so far) You may scoff and dismiss it, or just disagree, that’s fine it’s an idea that’s not for everyone. I found it to be potentially the start of something truly amazing and I wanted to share it.

BTW: Don’t misunderstand him, he’s not trying to sell you anything, he’s just expressing an idea.

It gets really good about 40 minutes in, and the end is amazing. Don’t you dare skip ahead you will lose the context.


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  1. Bill you have to cut to the chase . All this stuff about the human condition is a wast of time . You should be talking about the fact and yes it’s a fact We The People have a fraud and usurper sitting in the White House going by the name of barack hussein obama using a stolen social security number , forged birth certificate and forged selective registration card to prove he is a legal sitting US President . Turning a blind eye to those facts will not change the condition We The People find ourselves . Enforcing US Constitutional law is the only way out of this mess .

    • if you do not understand the human condition you are doomed to make bad decisions. I needed to hear that he understood that or might have rejected his ideas. AND People on this thread who think this too long (he recorded his thoughts right after the election freehand) really are missing the point, don’t comprehend what you are hearing. People with short attention spans just go make a third party or something, or work for Ron Paul 2016.

  2. Everyman says:

    There should be a logo, other than the visage of Breitbart, whose work I admired very much, but who makes for too complicated a set of ideas of resistance for organizational purposes. There should be a design competition and a proper judging.

  3. Oh Please says:

    Bill, you could have Whittled down your comments to 25 minutes. Script your next bainstorm, just a little….PLEASE.

  4. Big Red says:

    I haven’t viewed this yet time doesn’t allow it but I too loved Breitbart and nobody will ever convince me he died of natural causes.

  5. I’ve watched up to about 43:00 and I’m fascinated, because I homeschool. This is brilliant, and I’m in. I’m going to watch the rest later, because the video stopped on me. Bill, I’m going to pass this around, and put it on some homeschool sites. Bravo!

  6. GodnGunz says:

    Won’t this Government once it knows, this is a good thing, attack it and try to shut it down?

  7. K R ($.$. and M.) says:

    What Bill says is quite elegant because it is a society of free voluntary associations. A society built of free voluntary associations is exactly the idea of America.

    To build a society based on free voluntary association in our present world seems like something radical. It really isn’t. It’s what America was built on. And now it’s like an underground movement.

    It’s a good idea. It’s based on self-government in both uses of the term.


  8. John says:

    News Flash! Do you believe that this parallel government of freedom of choice would be overlooked or even left alone. No sir, your grasping at straws, the very same parasites who are placing us in harms way and stealing from the very generations you would need to accomplish such a monumental task, would be forced to have to accept those who would utilize our founding principles against us. The ACLU, the inevitable Liberal Supreme Court, would dictate the curriculum based on things like Muslim contributions, Americas racist past etc… The same 60 plus million who believe that they are entitled,
    along with their spawn would be forced upon us and if we don’t comply we would be shut down. The cold hard truth is that we have lost our freedom, you may not believe it or find that the virtue that is lacking in this country will have to be made evident to those who are lacking it. But simple yet true those that have the power will never let that happen. We see the writing on the wall or at least I do. This is not dispair, these are the facts. The government will tax you into oblivion, and take away the last bastion of free speech the internet.

    All in All out of business.

  9. Simon Jester says:

    I love the idea and will be glad to play! What happens, though, when the internet is is censored and controlled and otherwise spindled folded and mutilated by The State?

  10. Chilly says:

    How can a “common sense resistance” network provide value for value exchanges better than the “regular” free market does now? For example, it’s not that there aren’t options to public schools; the problem is the cost is prohibitive for many people. Unless a CSR network can provide better service, reduce the cost so all members can participate, and exclude the parasite class from confiscating the benefits you’re back where you started.

    The problem isn’t ignoring them; the problem is getting them to ignore us.

    • Good question! The answer in part is that some institutions are so compelling – such as home education and co-ops – that people are willing to put up with the double burden of supporting the “free” alternative and their own efforts. They are reducing the costs as they gain experience, and pass those savings along to new adopters.

      In part, there is going to be friction, and the brave will play a part in training the State to ignore that which it cannot control. Borrowing from Rosa Parks, when the masses see you as a kook, they will not oppose the State; when the masses see you as being on the side of the righteous, they will support you against the State, and the State will have no power. Rosa Parks broke the law, but the law had become unenforceable.

      A contemporary, Robert F. Williams, did much to break the back of the KKK when he organized Deacons for Defense; he changed the culture of his neighbors, and pushed back against an intolerable situation which had previously been tolerated. (he wrote about these experiences in _Negroes With Guns_)

  11. K R says:

    What Bill says reminds me of Vaclav Havel’s essay The Power of the Powerless and the Living in Truth movement it spawned in Czech society under communism.

  12. Carol Sinclair says:

    Where Is a Joe McCarthy when you need one?

  13. By your definition, America passed the “tipping point” long ago – our fundamental problem is that almost every American believes in some form of entitlement. Shrink government, yes, but not . . . central banking, government schools, social security, medicare, medicaid, veteran’s benefits, a military machine so vast that it exceeds all other military programs in the world, federal research funding . . . Oh, by the way, you can cut Big Bird. That’ll solve the problem. Not.

    Get my drift? All government spending is “entitlement” spending — and almost all Americans fight tooth and nail to protect the “right” sort of entitlements (theirs) and to oppose the “wrong” sort – stuff which benefits other people.

    This is why I focus on big-ticket items – constitutional money; ending the Federal Reserve System; separation of school and state — fewer people believe in those big ideas, but the ideas are big enough to make a real change in the dynamics which are dragging down America. Tiny ideas like cutting Big Bird’s entitlement won’t get us there.

    Big ideas take time to grow, but big ideas alone have the staying power and momentum to resist such big momentum as we face in America.

    Part of the reason I reject the “conservative” label is that almost all self-called “conservatives” seek to roll the clock back ten or twenty years, and complain only about problems caused by Democrats, and only about the current administration. Few self-described conservatives look for the Big Patterns. Most accept extremely Marxist institutions – such as central banking and government education – as if they were as American as apple pie. When they propose change, it’s an itty-bitty change like school vouchers – already par for the course in Europe, with indications of having slowed down the European rush toward socialism. Same for “local control” — the big Progressive ideas were implemented by people who were taught in locally-controlled government schools. Hence, I challenge the very idea of government control of schools.

    • You sound like you didn’t even bother to watch the video. None of your points are addressed, the fact that they are all ignored as inevitable is the entire premise. If you can’t understand the point he is making, that is one thing, at least hear the whole argument before you go lighting your conservative strawmen on fire.

      If I’m wrong and you disagree so much that it just sounds to me like you don’t even understand (or didn’t listen to) the argument Bill was making….that is my bad. I’ll just back away slowly.

  14. Mary says:

    God bless you, Bill Wittle. You celebrate and support human FREEDOM — freedom to be the best we can be.

  15. Bill,
    Your voice is new to me. But it is one that I will pay attention to frequently.
    I was warned that there was much jibberish in the first forty minutes of this video. I was enthusiastic throughout the entirety of it.

    Thank you for a common sense vision.
    Mark B. Dahlquist

  16. I started watching this video about 5 times before finally sitting down for the whole thing. The first 15 minutes are tough if you are not used to Bill’s style. For me, the video from about 25 minutes in and all the way to the very last seconds was completely engrossing. I’m going to watch it all again, probably several times.

  17. Stacey says:

    I have watched this video four times now and I am so pumped! Bill Whittle is a genius! I can’t wait to get this started! Let’s Roll!!!

  18. gadsdenbabs says:

    i like what bill says and i was not bored by one minute of it. i think he is onto something. we have worked within the program and it has not worked. i aint spending the next two years, and then the next two doing the same thing. i love the idea of ignoring the left. i think we can make something of this. we will continue for a little bit to recover from the election loss and eventually stop bemoaning all the no-payoff effort we labored these past five years. and then we have to get to work.

  19. Cathy ha says:

    I’m so fascinated! Prepared to move forward… With Common Sense Resistance

  20. Red Scourge says:

    Basically what he laid out is an idea which already exists called Voluntaryism, or Anarcho-capitalism. There is plenty of literature out there on the topic already, from Lysander Spooner, Murray Rothbard, Henry David Thoreau, Stephan Molyneux, David Friedman, and many others.

  21. roxannadanna says:

    On my blog yesterday I wrote that I had just given up. I was done with this whole political thing and I was giving up. If 2 or 3 million republicans couldn’t get out to vote, then I was finished with this whole damned thing.

    And then I saw a Bill Whittle video where he was speaking at a TEA party event since the election. This is where he mentioned the Common Sense Resistance. I googled it and it brought me here.

    I’ve watched and listened to Bill for years. I love him. (As an aside, you should look up his Iconography video at YouTube, that he did a couple years ago. It’s a great video.) You can also find him at

    Yes, the beginning of his video is a little disjointed but it was done immediately after the election and he’s feeling pretty emotional, as we all were. But I think he’s really onto something here. I think he’s got a great idea and it would be wonderful to see us all come together and take off with this.

    Thank you for posting this video. It made me feel a little less like giving up and giving in to the leftists. I feel more empowered.

  22. Petrovsky says:

    Build a parallel education network –> 40% of the battle won to restore the culture.

    Build a parallel media –> another 40% won.

    In other words, Bill’s got the right priorities for restoring the virtuous culture: education and media.

    Seems doable enough to me. Count me in.

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