It’s PUK Award Time

UPDATE 01-04-13: I’m a very lucky man, I now have a third image in the play-offs for 2012 PUK Awards at And thanks again, the second entry also won.

UPDATE 01-03-13: A second of my creations is now up for finalist in the 2012 PUK Awards at Thank you to those who voted for my first entry, it did win.

This image is competing for a finalist spot in the 2012 PUK Awards at Your vote would be appreciated.

3 Responses to It’s PUK Award Time

  1. diogenes says:

    You got mine, Mak!

  2. diogenes says:

    If I was a betting lady, I’d lay my money on you being o repeat winner. I just don’t see anything in the field as good and bitting as your work. You are the best!

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