Obama Scandals Alphabet Soup

Scandals Alphabet Soup with letters IRS, DOJ, DOS, EPA, and NSA.

Obama Launches PR Campaign To Counter Scandals

With an Eight-Year Plan as ambitious as the Obama regime’s, scandal eruptions are going to be a given. Thankfully the mainstream media will be more than happy to promote The Party’s PR campaign. It’s purpose is to convince the unwashed masses that they CAN indeed trust their government. And anyone that thinks otherwise is an enemy of the state. To prove my loyalty I submit this.

Vote Coolest SOB Award 2013

im41.com’s annual Coolest SOB In The Conservative Blogosphere Award is underway. This year I was once again nominated and I would be grateful for your vote. However, since voting for multiple nominees is allowed, and with the slim odds of a small-time player like myself winning, I encourage you to also vote for the following cool SOB’s.

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