Emperor Obama’s New Clothes Set New Cool Trend

This graphic is part of a political satire piece at ThePeoplesCube.com

2 Responses to Emperor Obama’s New Clothes Set New Cool Trend

  1. patriotworks says:


  2. JoeKidd says:

    I thought of this when I first saw the image…
    ***Spoiler Alert*** An alternate ending to Orwell’s 1984: “The Obama voters gazed up at the face that took scant seconds to fall in love with: The sneers behind the ears of The Snob behind the mob. Tears trickled down mindless mugs as joy surged through them. They were Left with zero and the fetid smell of death sweet in their nostrils. Soulless zombies traipsed by weak-in-the-knees and soon to be on them. The Obama voters fell in and joined the swollen ranks then smiled. They knew their struggles were now over. They had won the victory over themselves. They loved Obama.”

    Bonus: Some “ear candy” for Obama voters, who will enjoy this — Big Brother says so. Starring Barack Obama, George Soros, and Louis Farrakhan in their own words. “Yes. These are their actual words.”

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