Schools Clampdown On Dangerous Minds

A Creative Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Embrace.
Stamping out children’s imaginations… for the children.
7-year-old playing an imaginary game at school gets suspended for real

5 Responses to Schools Clampdown On Dangerous Minds

  1. Great work. Site looks outstanding.

  2. Whoopie says:

    Most impressive! The guy with the shovel looks particularly heroic when juxtaposed against the usurper with the shotgun.

    • Maksim says:

      Thanks! I think changing from my usual Superkommissar image that I use in my bio to a proletariat one makes me appear more accessible to the unwashed masses. However, the more I look at the more it reminds me of Mario.

  3. Class! CLASS! CLASS! SHUT UP!

    Channeling my Sister Mary Elephant.

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