Texas Women Stand With Wendy

At the southern front of the Republicans “War on Women”, the Texas senate just passed an abortion bill that is said to be a reaction to the Gosnell case. What the hell is the Gosnell case? I haven’t a clue.

No worries, state senator Wendy Davis is down there rallying the troops, and stopping the right-wingers from putting their hands on our wymenz vag jay jays.


8 Responses to Texas Women Stand With Wendy

  1. Reiuxcat says:

    This is your best yet!

  2. Eddie Lowe says:


  3. no1 says:

    Damn right, Maksim!

  4. I wonder why Stanley Ann Dunham didn’t get an abortion? Clearly her little mixed race bundle of joy was a distraction since both her and her baby daddy abandoned Barack to chase the Progressive world of next Tuesday.

    From unwanted zygote to unwanted President, the circle is complete.

  5. It’s all about euphemism. In National SOCIALIST Germany, it was the answer to the “Jewish Question” that ended up killing over 10 million people. I’m sure all of those Jews at Sobibor, Auschwitz, and Buchenwald are now happy to know that they were merely “Questioned.” To death.

    Now it’s all about abortion being “a right to choose.” I’m sure those 50 million innocent unborn defenseless babies that have been aborted since 1974 are comforted knowing that they were “Chosen.” To death.

    I do not use euphemism. Abortion is murder.

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