New Non-Political T-Shirt Design

I just can’t get back into a political groove, hardly able to even watch more than a few minutes of news, not visiting my favorite political blogs much. In the meantime here is what I’ve been up to.

Original graphic inspired by moonshine runners of a bygone era. The forty Ford coupe was a favorite among runners because of it’s large trunk. They would hot rod the Flathead or swap in a OHV engine like a Cadillac V8.

Buy this design on tees and etc.

2 Responses to New Non-Political T-Shirt Design

  1. Chuck Gallup says:

    Right there with you buddy!
    There is another fight coming.
    Heal up.
    Time reminds me of hiding out watching code scrolling on the puter screen like in the movie Matrix.
    We know the evil is at work destroying America.
    We simply need another an activating incident that captures the imagination.
    My guess is the dead children in Newtown will be the fulcrum.

    Would modern day rum runners be a profitable business?

  2. MSgt White says:

    Great design. My dad ran Fordillacs in Clay County KY during the Moonhine War phase of the long-running White-Baker Feud (Clay County War), but enlisted in the USMC after Pearl Harbor & never went back.

    He & my uncles used to reminisce about their running days & occasional bloodshed, so this brings back fond memories for me.

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